How does a band get signed to your label?
Unfortunately there’s no one correct or quick answer to this question. In the past, more often than not we have approached bands or artists that we think are doing a great job on their own, but could benefit from our help.  If you wish to submit a demo, more details can be found HERE.

What do you actually do for your artists?
All manner of different things – from the basics (putting together and distributing their record) to the more advanced (helping them make playlists at TV, radio or sync-ing their music to TV adverts) to stuff you may not expect (lending an ear when they’ve had a tiff, buying them a beer). We do all of these things and more.

I’d love to support and buy something of yours. Where can I do this?
We love you! Your first port of call is the LABStore – here you can buy all of our artists’ merch and some select CD’s and other limited edition items. Otherwise – head to iTunes and pop in the name of your favourite LAB artist.

There’s a problem with my order!
Uh-oh. Please let us know: and we’ll do everything we can to sort it ASAP.

Can I get a job / work experience at LAB?
When we have positions vacant, we’ll let you know via this website and Twitter. We aren’t currently taking on interns within our office, but if you wish to work from home and help us out online, that’s something we can discuss. E-mail for more.

I’d love to help promote one of your artists!
That’s amazing, thank you. The easiest thing for you to do is post about them on your Twitter or Facebook page. Perhaps post their latest video. If you’d like to go a little further, we do have some street teams in place. E-mail for more info.

I just want to chat about the music industry, or the history of LAB.
That’s very cool too, we try and answer every single e-mail like this. The best person for you to speak to is Mark:



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